Wednesday, 18 December 2013

老啤酒厂 (Old brewery Lǎ píjiǔ chǎng) 天鹅河澳大利亚西(Swan River Western Australia)

Swan River Western Australia Tiān'é hé àodàlìyǎ xi    

参阅网站上的菜单 (See menu on website Cānyuè wǎngzhàn shàng de càidān)

精致牛排 (Fine beefsteak. Jīngzhì niúpái)

河景 (River views. Hé jǐng)

Steak and beer (牛排和啤酒 Niúpái hé píjiǔ).

良好的食物 (Good food Liánghǎo de shíwù)

品尝啤酒 (Beer tasting Pǐncháng píjiǔ)

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